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An XML-based uptime scheduler for Linux

Shuriken is an XML-based tool for Linux system administrators to set up spans of time when the system should be up. Using the RTC daily alarm (requires BIOS, hardware, Linux support), the system will automatically power on (if it is off) for these intervals. The man pages provide all the documentation for the tools provided.

Releases: Shuriken v1.7 Released

Last Modified: 2003-11-15T22:57Z

I must say, the number of releases of Shuriken that fix tiny bugs make quite an argument for adding some unit tests to Shuriken's code. Fortunately, I think this release fixes the last bug... at least I hope it does.

On the plus side, this bug (that breaks essentially all the programs) was not a regression. I was accidentally trying to delete a block of memory that wasn't mine to delete. For some reason, older versions of the GNU C Library seemed to just ignore this problem. But when I upgraded my Debian packages, I started getting this error (which would break mustbeup(8)).

Anyway, the bug is fixed and the programs work fine once again. This should be the last release... no, really. I mean it this time.