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An XML-based uptime scheduler for Linux

Shuriken is an XML-based tool for Linux system administrators to set up spans of time when the system should be up. Using the RTC daily alarm (requires BIOS, hardware, Linux support), the system will automatically power on (if it is off) for these intervals. The man pages provide all the documentation for the tools provided.

Releases: Shuriken v1.6 Released

Last Modified: 2003-10-27T05:59Z

Somebody, kill me now before I make another insanely stupid mistake on a Shuriken release. Somehow, while making changes for the last release, v1.5, to fix a small bug in mustbeup(8), I managed to completely break the program in the process. Since I only did a quick test to see if the new version worked as expected (and it did), I decided to release.

Now, a few days later, coincidentally after the daylight savings change where I live, I noticed mustbeup(8) stopped working. I assumed the failure was due to the daylight savings change, but it was actually because I completely messed up the code for mustbeup(8) in v1.5. Anyway, it's fixed now and I've released v1.6. Hopefully this will actually be the last release of Shuriken...